Anne Stairmand has always wanted to write and after an extensive career in education decided to do just that!


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‘The Phantom Sock Snatcher’ out October 2014


‘The Idiot Family at Home’ (10 years plus) written in 2012 is a sharp satirical and very funny book about a  spoilt  and silly family who are too rich for their own good. The mother Jimmelta Chew Van Der Bratt slips out of her golden castle and  is arrested for stealing doughnuts in London....So find out  what happens to her


‘Petronella Pumpernickel-Pinkstocking-Berck and Big Wart’ written in 2012  is about a girl who rides tractors to school and has a spell cast on her when a boy she quite like starts school.....but it’s not any ordinary spell.


‘Archie Dingletrotter’s Flying Caravan’ written in 2012 is about a little boy who is a gypsy and has a wonderful adventure.....find out what it is.


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