The Idiot Family on Holiday


Jimmelta Chew van der Bratt is at it again, dragging her family into the silliest situations and creating chaos in the most unusual places! This time the family go on holiday!

Nothing has changed!  Find out about the ridiculously designed, handbag shaped yacht, stuck in the Thames. Read about the exploits with the family, and the children’s dastardly tutor, The Tank, all on magical, Marmalade Island!

Which is not so magical after all.

Laugh when Jimmelta is kidnapped on her yacht, the Jimmi Chew, and insists her designer luggage and scented towels from the Church of Harvey Nichols, accompany her too. Try and imagine the reaction of the Salami pirates!

Read how the Russian zillionaire Oli Gark, and his famous team, plan to rescue the hapless and hopeless Jimmelta. Are they successful?

And is she rescued?

Things never turn out as you expect when Jimmelta and her family are involved. Enjoy the humour, the twists, and utterly mad characters with hilarious names.

Roar with laughter as the crazy plot unravels, and have fun!



Paperback, 338 pages. Ideal for children aged 9-11

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