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Reception to Year 6 -  KS1, Ks2 & Year 7

Anne loves to use drama to inspire pupils of all ranges to enjoy her books. She uses her books as a platform for drama, with all pupils wearing and using props to get into the spirit of the workshop. The pupils then show their drama to each other and share with a key stage or the school.

In KS1 the emphasis is generally on drama acting out extracts from younger books and sharing the work with the rest of the class. Children love the opportunity to create and develop new characters with others.

For KS2 once the drama from the books is completed and shared, the books are used as a platform to improve writing. Pupils work in very small groups with challenging and differentiated vocabulary sheets to create their own writing. This is shared with other class members and invariably shared with parents in a special assembly.

All the workshops are great fun and allow the pupils of all ages to be involved in the drama and writing.

Anne is very flexible with her format and can adapt to suit your intentions, always ensuring pupils thoroughly thrive on the day

You may wish Anne to work with specific academic groups to challenge and develop literacy skills, and these groups may include; Gifted and Talented, challenging pupils, SEN or, pupils who struggle to engage with writing. Anne will inspire and stimulate pupils to think and write creatively so they challenged and proud of their work. These processes and skills can be embedded back in the classroom and support a range of writing opportunities.

Anne Stairmand is a children’s writer with six books out to date ranging from 3-11 years, all very funny, satirical, with crazy plots and with utterly hilarious names. She lives on the Essex Suffolk border with her husband and has a grown-up family.

Anne uses her vast expertise in education to ensure pupils from 3-12 not only have fun in her workshops but are challenged, inspired and introduced to new ideas and writing processes. She is always keen to ensure the key skills and elements of stages in the curriculum are covered too- to keep teachers happy!

Anne Stairmand - Children in circle - Author Visits Anne Stairmand - Children in circle - Author Visits

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